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Ledi Sayadaw is one of the great Theravāda-buddhist monks of the last century, praised for his knowledge of the Abhidhamma but also for his emphasis on the practice of meditation.

He got his name from the intensive meditation he practiced in the Ledi forest where he later also taught meditation. Ledi Sayadaw is seen as one of the founders of the modern vipassanā-movement (the new Burmese method) which was later taught by Mahasi Sayadaw.

It is striking, however, that Ledi Sayadaw also puts a lot of emphasis on samatha (concentration) in his books. In a clear tone he expresses his amazement at the lack of concentration among his contemporaries, which he saw as essential, and repeatedly speaks about developing samatha and vipassanā (concentration and insight), and not just vipassanā alone.

This work is a fantastic, direct and very confronting book on the 37 factors of enlightenment (Bodhipakkhiyadhammā). There is no escape from the energy that Ledi Sayadaw transmits.

It soon becomes clear that there is still a lot of work to be done. Now is the time to meditate, now is the time to take steps! Highly recommended.

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Avatar Sinds 2017 werken we eraan om mensen de kans te geven om via het internet kennis te maken met samatha-meditatie op buddho, een meditatiesysteem dat ons veel goeds heeft gebracht. Naast het verspreiden van dit meditatiesysteem hopen we een waardevolle bijdrage te leveren aan de kennis over het boeddhisme en meditatie in Nederland. Hiervoor schrijven en vertalen we regelmatig teksten en plaatsen we andere inhoud die we van hoge kwaliteit achten of die direct gerelateerd is aan onze leraar Ahba.

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