A concentrated mind is in the here and now, calm and peaceful. With such a mind you see things as they really are and gain insights that you cannot get out of books.

To achieve this concentration, we practice samatha meditation on ‘buddho’, a traditional Theravāda Buddhist meditation system.

With this meditation you develop numerous wholesome qualities such as patience, mindfulness, energy, perseverance and wisdom, and thus a more content and happy life.

In the Netherlands the meditation is taught and guided by Herman Schreuder, who in turn learned it from Ahba, a famous Burmese meditation master and abbot of a large Buddhist monastery in northern Thailand.

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Read on for practical information.

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Practical Information

Samatha meditation on ‘buddho’ is practiced by a diverse group of people all over the Netherlands. Men and women, young and old, from scientist to artist, convinced Buddhist and still sceptical, everyone is welcome.

The basis of the practice lies in one’s own daily meditation at home. In addition, there is the possibility for those who feel the need to practice in group, experience shows that this can be very motivating.

Personal conversations with Herman take place in Driebergen, but of course this can also partly take place by phone or email.

Furthermore, twice a year we offer a group retreat in the Netherlands for one week, and it is possible, after consultation, to go for longer individual retreats to Ahba’s monastery in Northern Thailand.

What does it cost?

Just your own effort, no money. We teach meditation out of compassion with the world and the profound conviction that it can help others, just as it helped us.

The personal guidance, group meditations, group retreats in the Netherlands and the individual retreats in Ahba’s monastery in Northern Thailand are entirely on a donation basis.

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